East Texas’ Most Trusted Roofing & Construction Company

East Texas’ Most Trusted Roofing & Construction Company

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We all know that no matter what kind of roof you have, it will eventually wear out, and you will need reroofing or roof replacement. No roof will last forever, and in the Texas heat, roofs can expand and contract so much that damage can allow leaks much sooner than expected. Storm damage and hail damage repair is our specialty, and there are plenty of storms in East Texas. At Goodfella’s Roofing & Construction Inc., we provide high-quality craftsmanship for various roofing products, although our specialty is high-quality composite roofs.

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Our Roofing Services

Roof Replacement

A roof replacement project can sound like a daunting task. But a professional team like Goodfella’s Roofing & Construction Inc. can make reroofing a project that will be completed quickly and cleanly, and we strive to make every job the most beautiful one we’ve done.

Commercial Roofing

You may think that the only difference between commercial roofs and residential roofs is the building’s size, but the reality is that they are very different. Commercial roofing involves specialized construction methods and materials chosen based on the building’s architecture and the business’ needs.


Free Roof Inspections

Goodfella’s Roofing and Construction Inc. can provide you with a top-quality roof inspection, whether you are looking to replace your roof, purchase or sell a property, or would like to survey storm damage.


Roof Repair

We can perform an inspection and decide what parts of your roof require roof repairs and maintenance. Once we have completed our careful and diligent complete roof inspection, we will make all of our recommendations to you so that you may decide the best course of action.

New Roof Installation

Each roof that we install is carefully integrated with your soffit, fascia, and siding panel set-up for a smooth transition. This accommodates visual aesthetics as well as efficiency for weather protection.


Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Also known as composite roofing, Asphalt Shingles are designed to protect a home through decades of weathering with minimal upkeep and are available in hundreds of colors and styles.

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Honest Roofer in East Texas

We treat every roof like it is our own, with honest inspections and estimates. We can help extend the service life of your roof with that small repair or full replacement.